How do you find out if you can test your DNA online?

How do you find out if you can test your DNA online?

Many people find they do not have a laboratory in their city that is able to perform DNA tests. However, it is likely that you have access to a lab without even leaving your home. Laboratories such as DDC have created a global network of laboratories that allows people to perform a wide variety of tests without the need to leave home. It is important to note that the tests you can take at home, are not legal. In other words, DNA testing with DDC is intended to provide you with legal information. While it is true that you can also access legally allowed tests, these tests require you to travel to a point set by the laboratory for a specific person to take the samples. This is a mandatory requirement for legal DNA tests, as you need someone to certify the authenticity of the samples.

It all starts with a click

To find out if you have access to the services of a laboratory, the first thing you should do is find out if they have a website. On the website, you will be able to get the tests they perform and the areas they can cover. Even if the lab is in the same country as you, but not in your city, they will probably offer sample kits they ship to your home. These kits are designed for you to take yourself. The procedure carried out by the laboratory to analyze your DNA is the same, only this time a courier sends the samples. You don’t have to schedule appointments and wait for the day to come and you can do everything in a matter of 30 minutes.

Don’t rush

Before deciding to purchase any type of test on a laboratory’s website, it is important that you investigate whether you have all the information you need. If you rush into buying a kit to perform a paternity test, but you need the results to be used in a legal proceeding, you will lose money because these types of tests are allowed for that goal. On the laboratory’s website you can get all the information related to each type of test. Some tests can be performed with a saliva sample, while others require a blood sample. Some tests require 3 days for sample analysis, while others require up to 6 weeks. If you have any doubts it is advisable to contact the laboratory’s customer support and ask for information before making any purchase.

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