3 Things To Do in Western North Carolina

3 Things To Do in Western North Carolina

The mountains of Western North Carolina are majestic and breathtaking. As a tourist destination, you could hardly find better, with the number of fun things available to do and see. The art and culture are amazing and the locals are friendly and welcoming. Maybe it’s because it’s a little bit out of the way that makes it all the more special. It’s not a touristy place to visit like some popular vacation destinations. The scenic views and delicious food will ensure that your first visit definitely won’t be your last. Here are just three of the many things to do in this wonderful and enchanting area.

Enjoy the Outdoors

If you enjoy nature, this is definitely the place for you. Because of the mountains and temperate climate, Western North Carolina offers some spectacular outdoor activities. The cherokee nc golf courses, for example, are nestled in between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains and offer beauty rarely seen elsewhere. A somewhat more adventurous visitor might enjoy taking advantage of the area’s numerous sites for zipline excursions or whitewater rafting. A more casual and relaxing option would be driving or hiking to one of the many waterfalls the area has to offer, which are even more picturesque when the trees display their fall colors.

Drink Like the Locals

A little-known fact about this part of the state is that it is a Mecca for craft beer lovers. When beer enthusiasts think of areas famous for microbrews, places like Seattle and Portland usually come to mind. The biggest city in Western North Carolina, Asheville, definitely deserves to be on that prestigious list. The city is literally teeming with microbrew pubs. A great many of the brewpubs are located right downtown, so it’s convenient to walk from one to the next and try a wide variety of the local creations. It’s actually hard to catalog how many individual breweries there are because they are constantly shutting down and then being replaced by new ones. This makes every beer-oriented visit to Asheville a unique experience.

 Go to Arts and Crafts Festivals

All year long, but especially in the summertime, there are fun festivals to enjoy. It seems like every small town has one at some point, where they shut down the main street and vendors of local craft goods set up their tents. They sell everything from wooden art sculptures to dog treats to homemade chow-chow. There are usually a few local bands entertaining the crowds with music as well. Whether it’s a celebration of the recent apple harvest or the town’s founding, it’s always a fun activity.

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