For physically active people who are yet to be partnered, finding a partner is great. But finding someone whose level of commitment to physical activity matches theirs is an amazing feat.

With the introduction of dating apps to the dating scene, it is now easy for singles to find someone who matches their specifications. These dating apps are different for people’s preferences.

For active singles who want to meet other active singles, there are dating apps that cater to their needs. Users on UK.collected.reviews talk about finding their partners through dating apps and how they navigate through those apps.

There are dating app reviews from people on the internet who have experience using some of these apps. Listed below is a list of 5 of the best fitness dating apps for active singles.


The designers of this dating app built it with their users in mind. As one of the oldest and most reliable dating apps in the world, active singles can find their perfect match who loves them for who they are. The app is easy to use and offers a freemium service for people who are looking for the best options. The online reviews of successful couples who met on the app, speak greatly to the quality of the app.


This is a fitness dating app that has been in the dating scene for more than 20 years. The app builders have the intention to help people find the perfect serious match. It is recorded that every day, more than four hundred (400) couples from eHarmony marry. As an active single, this is a dating site that assures you of meeting someone who ticks your specification boxes. The app has a free and premium version. This allows singles to join whenever they want and upgrade to the premium version to get the best service.

3.The League

Launched in 2015, The League dating app is primarily designed to help active singles find their match. The designers also intend to break the cliché that people have unrealistic relationship standards. Though it is new, this fitness dating app has great reviews from users who have found their match on the app.


Happn helps you connect with people you have crossed paths with in real life. These could be people you met at the gym while hiking, or running. As long as the person is using Happn, you get notifications of their activities and you can also choose not to get notified of their activities. Reviews of this fitness dating app attest to its authenticity and put it as an amplification of reality.


This is a fitness dating app that matches people based on their level of physical activity. Active singles no longer need to worry about finding a partner who matches their commitment level.

Sweatt allows people to upload their daily physical activities which are used to help them find the best match. The designers believe that motivated and confident people make the best relationship.


Fitness dating apps are here to assure you that your standards are not unrealistic and you can find the person that matches your needs in a partner. Though not exhaustive, these apps mentioned above are some of the best fitness dating apps available for active singles.

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