Electronic Cigarettes: Pros and Cons Revealed

Electronic Cigarettes: Pros and Cons Revealed

Smoking-related issues have been in the center of attention for decades. Many efforts have been put to ban tobacco sales, tax cigarettes, and campaigns have been used to make people quit smoking. Many merchants are involved in this lucrative industry. With the rise of online businesses, it’s become critical to obtain a reliable electronic cigarette merchant account to grow your business.

Read below to get to know what the latest research in the field reveals about the use of e-cigarettes. Also, learn how you can easily get approved for a merchant account for your e-cig business.


Electronic Cigarette Use, Regulations, and Research

In 2017, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) introduced a new plan concerning tobacco and nicotine regulation. The rules on e-cigarettes are going to be set until August 2022. Thus, researchers and policymakers are given time to figure out the role e-cigarettes might play.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have recently published a report on e-cig investigation, which is among the largest one. Over 800 scientific studies have been reviewed to make conclusions on a variety of health aspects associated with the use of e-cigarettes.

According to David Eaton, chair of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) committee, you can’t simply say e-cigs are either beneficial or harmful.

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What Does the Research Reveal About E-Cig Pros and Cons?

Based on the above-mentioned report, the vast majority of e-cigarettes have a wide variety of potentially toxic substances. However, the report further notes that completely substituting e-cigarettes for combustible tobacco cigarettes results in reduced exposure to numerous toxicants and carcinogens that combustible tobacco cigarettes contain.

The research shows no available evidence whether or not the use of e-cigarette is associated with intermediate cancer endpoints in humans. Also, the report says no available evidence is found whether or not the use of e-cigarettes results in respiratory diseases in humans.

As for the use of e-cigs during pregnancy, no available evidence is found concerning whether or not e-cigs affect pregnancy outcomes. Also, there’s insufficient evidence whether or not maternal e-cig use affects fetal development.

When it comes to whether e-cigs can help people quit smoking, it’s interesting to pay attention to another research in the field. According to Science Daily, a recent study led by a Hollings Cancer Center researcher shows the following: smokers who are willing to use e-cigarettes are likely to smoke less. Also, they have increased quit attempts. This is according to tobacco control and addiction expert Matthew Carpenter, Ph.D. (the Medical University of South Carolina).

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