Fitness and Gym Equipment for All Ages

Fitness and Gym Equipment for All Ages

No matter your age or fitness level, going to the gym for exercise will benefit your health. While some gym equipment might look intimidating, or you are simply not strong enough or fit enough to use certain gym equipment, there are essential pieces of gym equipment that people of all ages can safely use to improve their strength and fitness.

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The training bench is a staple in all the best gyms across the country. They can be used by beginners to professional athletes and Olympic-level sportspeople, as well as young and old people. You can use a training bench to help you perform sit-ups, weight training routines. Training benches also have a reclining backrest that you can set at any angle to make it more comfortable for your back and abdominal muscles.

Dumbbell sets – from light to heavy weights of 150 lbs. or more – are essential gym equipment for all fitness and strength exercisers. They can – and should – be used by seniors, youngsters and beginners to professional athletes to help build muscle, tone, and improve endurance and strength. Dumbbell sets come in varieties of shapes, sizes, and weights, and it doesn’t matter what weight you’re using so long as you find it works your muscles.

Treadmills are ideal for people looking to lose weight and improve their cardio fitness. Treadmills offer low-impact exercise, so they’re suitable for gym-goers of all ages and experience. These provide differing levels of intensity, speeds, inclines, and duration with pre-selected modes to set your exercise session up just as you want. You can walk or run on treadmills, and the newer models even take your heart rate and can sync your favourite music from your smartphone to play your motivational songs to keep you going for longer periods of time for more fat-burning miles.

A stationary bicycle goes hand-in-hand with a treadmill. They both improve cardio fitness and provide low-impact exercise for people of all ages. As with treadmills, stationary bicycles allow you to set the intensity of the workout session with selecting higher levels of resistance to make you work harder on the pedals to burn more calories.

An elliptical machine offers low-impact exercise for users of all ages. It is a great piece of gym equipment for people suffering from joint aches. As with a treadmill and stationary bicycle, an elliptical machine allows the user to select resistance levels to help them tailor the exercise session to their needs.

Using a fitness ball might not seem to be beneficial to your fitness when you first see it in a gym. However, after you use it to perform curls, balance exercises, and core stretches, you will know that fitness balls are important for all gym-goers and suitable for all ages. Also known as yoga balls, these are essential gym equipment.

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