Girls Run the World: Planning Your Next Girls Getaway

Girls Run the World: Planning Your Next Girls Getaway

There is nothing more special than a lifelong friendship with a close girlfriend for women. Unfortunately, our busy lives get in the way of spending the quality time we desire with our closest girlfriends. One tradition that seeks to help create time and space for those friendships and connections to grow is a regular weekend or getaway for the girls. So, invite your closest girlfriends to block out their calendar and start planning a trip to remember.

Road Trip

If you and your girlfriends all live relatively close to each other but just do not have a lot of quality time together, plan a long weekend road trip together. The time driving to your destination(s) will create plenty of time and space for silly and deep conversation and there are so many different options within a short drive of where you live. Consider letting each person plan the destination and lodging for a trip once and rotate who is planning it each trip.

Laze Your Days Away

Even if you do not have the time or budgets to go far, you can still create an amazing weekend of friendship through a staycation. If one of you has a suitable home and is willing to host, consider re-visiting the days of slumber parties in youth and have an adult sleepover at one of your homes. Have different people prepare the meals so the work of hosting is more shared, bring comfy pajamas, grab wine or drinks and plenty of snacks, rent your favorite movies and enjoy just being together. For a fun outing one afternoon, book a spa in Fredericksburg VA and enjoy being pampered.

Cruise the Week Away

If you are looking for a longer or more extravagant time away, consider booking a cruise together. Cruises go to so many different locations and allow you endless moments for bonding. Whether adventuring through the port cities, laying by the pool, taking in great nightly shows or enjoying long conversations over meals, there will be fun for every one on your trip.

Spending quality time with your girlfriends on a regular basis is excellent for your mental and emotional health. Through prioritizing and planning regular time together you will ensure wonderful moments together and friendships that can withstand the test of time.

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