Peptides Keep You Alive

Peptides Keep You Alive

You may not be aware that peptides fill every cell in your body and the cellular contents of every living thing on the earth. Peptides produce enzymes that act as an antibiotic in your body’s hormones and immune system, but the tiny amino acid structures also help with sexual development and physical growth. In other words, peptides keep you alive and help your body recreate itself each day as it heals, repeatedly – moment by moment.


Your body produces a significant level of Human Growth Hormones until you reach puberty, but then the number of those amino acid strings begin to decline as your body’s need for massive growth spurts also changes. Once your body has reached the full potential of its grand design, at between the age of 25 and 30, the HGH levels drop to about 25 percent of what they were during the beginning years. Although the levels want to continue to drop each year, peptides come to your body’s rescue and keep those pesky HGH levels in check.


Ryan Smith Lexington KY has long studied the human body and how peptides are used to keep HGH under control. In fact, it has been discovered that peptides stimulate the production of HGH to continue providing the healing properties, muscle maintenance, and bone and joints rejuvenation that you had when your body was younger. Peptides correct the body’s deficiencies of HGH, so the brain, muscles, and other tissues that need continuous repair get the amino acid strings they need. A side benefit to HGH is that the higher levels that the peptides help your body maintain can assist you in burning fat, building muscle, and boosting your vitality.

You may not know much about these tiny strings of amino acid, but you can be sure they work hard every day to keep you alive and ensure your body is working as it should be. Thank goodness you have peptides in every cell in your body!

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