Smokea Offers the Best Cannabis Accessories Online

Smokea Offers the Best Cannabis Accessories Online

Over the last decade, increasing numbers of U.S. states are joining the fray and slowly decriminalizing or making outright legal the use of cannabis for both medical and recreational uses. Even many states that have not yet made the use of this popular herb completely legal have effectively decriminalized it, with municipalities all over the country now viewing public consumption of cannabis a mere civil infraction and private use as no business of the government at all.

It’s no surprise, then, that the number of high-quality head shops has exploded since 2000, with some of the highest quality bongs, pipes and other smoking accessories anywhere in the world being produced and sold right here in the U.S.A. And SMOKEA The World’s Best Online Headshop is at the top of the list when it comes to cannabis-related lifestyle accessories.

Smokea carries some of the best bongs available. The Pound line, the brainchild of famous rapper and herb connoisseur Snoop Dogg, is among its most popular. With a full lineup of gravity bongs, water bongs and pipes, this line of smoking accessories both hip and highly functional. Smokea also carries a vast lineup of other water bongs, ranging from around $20 all the way into the thousands.

Why bongs can transform your smoking experience

Anyone who has gone from the harsh and cough-inducing smoking of unfiltered joints to the smooth, steam-like delivery of a bong knows the night-and-day differences that exist between different methods of inhaling cannabis. Bongs can make smoking a much less harsh and much more enjoyable experience. They can also deliver a much purer flavor, as burning particulates and charred matter have no way of making it through the water filter.

Smoking through a bong can also allow a user to inhale far more smoke than would be possible with a joint or a bowl. This is because inhaling bong smoke has much more in common with vaping or inhaling steam than inhaling the harsh smoke of filterless joint. This difference is immediately noticed by most smokers. But over time, it can make an even larger difference.

Those who regularly smoke their cannabis from bongs have been shown to have much lower rates of lung disease. The water in the bottom of the bong acts as a natural gas filter removing most of the harshest chemicals from the smoke, including carcinogens. For this reason, despite what many roll-your-own connoisseurs claim, smoking cannabis from a bong actually is a far safer way to go. Not only will it leave you feeling better and often higher, it dramatically lowers your long term risk for developing emphysema, bronchitis and lung cancer.

The only real downside with using bongs is that the water does tend to filter out some THC, although at a far lower rate than it filters out larger, more harmful chemicals and particulates. Still, it is necessary to inhale more smoke, on average, to get the same level of THC with a bong than with a joint or a bowl.

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