What You Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

What You Need to Know About Electronic Cigarettes

Considering the ban on smoking in public and the vast number of people affected by it, we could safely  say that the electronic cigarette is a genious invention that has arrived as a saviour to smokers and non-smokers alike. It turns out, however, that even though one can easily recognise the gadget when they see it, not everybody is versed in the history behind its appearance and what makes vaping a much more desirable activity when compared to smoking.

So What’s Up with E-cigarettes

Even though the process of vaporizing substances in order to inhale them has been around for centuries, electronic cigarettes were invented in the early 2000s by a Chinese pharmacist under the name of Hon Lik, who lost his father to lung cancer due to excessive smoking.

The main idea behind his invention was to provide people with a  chance to get their dose of nicotine, without being exposed to the harmful substances in tobacco.

No Burning

And what makes this possible is the fact that in vaping there is no burning process involved, which removes a whole host of dangerous byproducts of smoking. Yes, no combustion, since the temperature that the heating element reaches is 10 to 15 times lower than that of a lit cigarette, and it is also a sporadic process, triggered at the moment the vaper’s lips create vacuum around the mouthpiece.

There is no ongoing burning process with dozens of dangerous byproducts. Nice, eh?

No to Smoking, Yes to Vaping

The removal of dangerous substances is the main reason why, whereas smoking is not acceptable in most social contexts, vaping might actually pass as OK. Nicotine content in the e-liquid is controllable, and can be either slightly present or non-existent, based on personal choice and needs. And, especially in the latter case, any argument against the public use of e-cigarettes loses ground.

The social context in this respect benefits greatly from the choice of vaping not only in relation to getting rid of second hand smoke. The unpleasant, stale smell that might linger on your clothes and fill a house for days is replaced with a vast range of aromas you can choose from when getting a tank refill.

You Can Actually Save Up on Smoking

Yes, that is true. Even though there is the lower and the upper ends on vaping products, you can start on as little as a month’s worth of regular cigarettes. This amount will go up or down based on how often you vape, what accessories you buy, and how you look after your e-cigarette.

The tendency, however, is leaning towards saving a buck or two in the long run.

Even if you don’t switch to vaping with the intention to stop smoking, feeding your nicotine craving in an effective and less harmful way is very likely to contribute to giving up on smoking altogether in the near or not so near future.

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